As with any Island, Gamorrah is surrounded by, and includes Lakes, Loches, Bays, and Oceans - in this case, referred to as Seas.  The water bodies known as Seas, however, are known - to Gamorrahans - to be Celestial bodies.  So while your ship may be 'floating' on the surface of the Ocean, once you cross through a portal into Gamorrah's waters - while still appearing to be normal water - you are actually floating among the Cosmos.


Water covers about sixty percent of the plane's surface.  The water in and around Gamorrah is rich in minerals making it about five times more nutrient rich than that found on Earth.  When first ingested, the Water will seem more crisp and refreshing than any water tasted before.

Affects include:

  • Added key nutrients to the system,
  • rejuvenation, and
  • optimum hydration.

If drank regularly, the affects offered by the water may cause a boost to the body's natural healing abilities.


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